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Giving through Art

With the encouragement of a dear friend, I recently submitted a piece to Postcards From the Edge show in NYC. Well-known artists and upcoming artists alike, submit postcard size pieces of art for auction in order to raise money for AIDS awareness and enable Visual Aids to produce AIDS-focused contemporary art programs, provide supplies, & assist artists living with HIV/AIDS.

Hopefully my submission of Soul continues to support such an positive organization. Since my art begins with an encounter with a discarded object. It seemed fitting that it was a mannequin that I used. Just an inanimate object, made to resemble a human therefore conveying something else, something more. By thinking about the forgotten past of the discarded object, I question the habits of our throwaway culture and examine the idea of an object becoming worthless due to changing fashion, technological progress, and just through the passage of time.

I use the found object as a tool to create a new version of itself, in this case a cyanotype photogram. The end result is that the altered object has a new spirit and leaves an imprint of its existence.

Give however you can. Give your time. Give through art. Or at least, smile at a stranger. ;)

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